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Potret Hati 10(2)
“KENAPA NAK DUDUK JAUH SANGAT. Kat situpun ada meja kosong.” Saiful menarik bangku. Kemudian dia meneliti senarai makanan yang terpampang pada papan tanda yang diletak pada bahagian atas gerai. “Nak cuba makan kat gerai ni pula.” Airis duduk, muka mengadap gerai. “Awak tak ingat ke, dulu kita dah pernah cuba, awak kata tak sedap.” “Awak tengok tu, tukang masak dia dah orang lain. Tukang masak yang baru ni mungkin boleh masak makanan yang sedap.” Saiful yang duduk membelakangi gerai, berpaling dan mengamati pekerja dalam gerai itu. “Okey. Awak nak makan apa?” “Awak pesanlah apa-apa.” “Eh. Awak ni. Tak kanlah aku nak biarkan awak kebulur. Aku tau yang awak tu dah lapar macam orang dah tak makan tiga hari.” “Apa susahnya. Awak pesan aje dua.” Ya tak ya juga, Hmmm.... tak paham pula aku ni. Saiful mengakui tidak sensitifnya dia untuk membaca fikiran orang yang dia suka. Kedatangan pelayan mamatikan perbualan.... (more)

Grevience Software
When you work in customer service related jobs it is important to track your customer complaints and make sure they are being taken care of. I had not known there was software for just this thing. I would really like to have had something like this when I was the customer service manager in my previous position. It would have been invaluable to me there.

"Just Asking for a Fight" By Rev. Wayne Palmer Read John 5:1-24. "This was why the Jews were seeking all the more to kill Him, because not only was He breaking the Sabbath, but He was even calling God His own Father, making Himself equal with God" (John 5:18). Lenten Devotion- Jesus left Jerusalem when things got pretty tense, but now with a Jewish festival at hand, He heads right back down toward the temple again. And He turns the heat back up by healing an invalid on the Sabbath. Jesus' enemies protest to this breaking of their Sabbath rules. His perfectly natural answer totally enrages them. He says, "My Father is working until now, and I am working." Instead of seeing the Light, they stand in the darkness protesting that Jesus is making Himself equal to God. But protest as loud as they will, Jesus knows who He is and refuses to back down. The darkness of their thinking is amazing. They would have kept a man trapped in his paralyzed body to keep their Sabbath... (more)

bicara mustika
9th day - 35w1d
It's the 9th day been warded for placenta previa level 3. Will have another 3 weeks before I could actually meet this little creature in my belly.... However, I'm quite nervous to undergo the c-sect. Yes a bit disappointed coz I can't have a normal delivery. I always believe that natural system created by Allah is the BEST. He is the Al might. Since pregnant I hope for natural birth, less complications. But my wishes was not granted this time. Czerian is the only option. The little voice inside me still is hoping for a miracle that the placenta can moved to safer position for normal delivery. May Allah grant my wish. Just like before when I escaped d&c during the miscarriage.

ralph lauren pas cher messieurs
mais rien ne nous a coûté, à panurge et à moi. -mais qui diable appelle-t-il donc panurge ? demanda henri, que ce nom pantagruélique préoccupait. chapitre xv - la soirée de la ligue. 143 page 149 la dame de monsoreau, tome 2 -nous sommes donc venus, continua le moine, et nous sommes arrivés pour voir ce qui se passe ; seulement, nous voyons, mais nous ne comprenons pas. que se passe-t-il, mes frères ? est-ce aujourd'hui qu'on dépose hérodes ? est-ce aujourd'hui que l'on met frère henri dans un couvent ? -oh ! oh ! dit quélus, j'ai bien envie de mettre cette grosse futaille en perce ; qu'en dis-tu, maugiron ? -bah ! dit chicot, tu te fâches pour si peu, quélus ? est-ce que le roi ne s'y met pas tous les jours, dans un couvent ? crois-moi donc, henri, si on ne te fait que cela, tu n'auras pas à te plaindre, n'est-ce pas, panurge ? l'âne, interpellé par son nom, dressa les oreilles et se mit à braire d'une façon terrible. -oh ! panurge ; oh !... (more)

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